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The Writings of John Donne - 1184 Words

The 17th century opened with a generation of great social change which culminated in the eventual execution of King Charles I in 1649. This created an atmosphere of conflict that permeates much of the literature of the period. The writings of John Donne are rife with this conflict, reflecting in their content a view of love and women radically and cynically altered from that which preceding generations of poets had handed down. nbsp; John Donnes view of love deviated greatly from the Medieval philosophy of courtly love, which had been expressed in poetry handed down from the sonnets of such poetic giants as Sidney and Petrarch. The general verse until then had focused greatly on the unrivalled importance of love in the context†¦show more content†¦This demystification continues in Donnes Song, a poem explaining how there is not anywhere in existence a beautiful woman who will remain faithful. And swear/No where/Lives a woman true, and fair. (l. 16-18) This inconsistent nature attributed to females is hardly complimentary, but it is certainly a vast change from the cold indifference of Petrarchs idyllic mistress. nbsp; In still another twist on poetic description of social norms, The Undertaking presents as a brave (to the point of heroic) deed his relationship with a woman based on the virtue in her heart- and then the hiding of that relationship to avoid scorn. He presents the woman very nearly as an equal, which is a strange concept when contrasted with more of Donnes verse. nbsp; If, as I have, you also do Virtue attired in woman see, And dare love that, and say so too, And forget the He and She; (ll. 17-20) nbsp; In the rest of the poem, Donne states that this exercise (relating with a woman based on her virtue) is useless, as it is almost impossible to find such a woman with virtuous heart (ll. 5-12), thus fulfilling his apparent anti-feminist beliefs. Still, the peculiarities of this poem should be viewed for all they are worth, as they are particularly reflective of the change in the view of women. nbsp; In the phrase forget the He and She, Donne expresses a sort ofShow MoreRelatedThe Treatment Of Outweighing By John Donne And Shakespeare On The Writing Of The Period2782 Words   |  12 Pagesto thighs? (Donne, ‘Sappho to Philaenis’) Write an essay on the treatment of homoeroticism in the writing of the period. The treatment of homoeroticism is explored through the influential writings of both John Donne and Shakespeare in the Renaissance Era. Similarly, the voice of both present a scornful dismissal of the opposite sex in order to defy the typical conventions of heterosexuality. Whilst Donne explores lesbianism in his poem ‘Sappho to Philaenis’Read MoreEssay on Writing Style of Holy Sonnet 10 by John Donne510 Words   |  3 PagesWriting Style of Holy Sonnet 10 by John Donne John Donne’s diction, detail, point of view, metaphysical format, and tone used in â€Å"Holy Sonnet 10† convey both a feeling of cynical and domination, and also a sense of mockery of death. The effects on the reader include assurance and confidence in facing death. The author’s diction makes the reader feel that death ca be defeated. For example, death has been called â€Å"mighty and dreadful† but the author shows that it is not more than a â€Å"short sleep†Read MoreJohn Donne: An Influential English Poet957 Words   |  4 PagesJohn Donne, one of the greatest English poets and preachers of the 1600’s, greatly impacted the writing field through his works. In the first half of 1572 (actual date is unknown) he was born in London to John Donne, a merchant, and Elizabeth Heywood Donne, the daughter of the poet and playwright John Heywood. His father died when Donne was about four years old. His younger brother, Henry, also died in John Donne’s early life. John Donne was raised in a Catholic family. Both of his parents wereRead MoreAnalysis Of Meditation 17 By John Donne1053 Words   |  5 PagesMeditation 17 is a poem by John Donne that reveals his thoughts and beliefs on the world altogether. We see a lo t of religion cited in this poem and then we also see a kind of dark side of that which would be death. In this poem, John Donne elevates this poem by the way he structures it as well as the language and situation. The language is so important to understand because it can convey a message that is deeper than just the words. We see a lot of words that very common in this poem however,Read MoreThe Flea By John Donne1558 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"The Flea† Essay â€Å"The Flea† by John Donne when looked at briefly is simply a poem about a man trying to seduce a woman into participating in pre-material sexual relationship with him. However, â€Å"The Flea† constructs many more important arguments than simply that one. The poem touches on religion, love, and sex in a non-romanticized way, contrasting the normal glamorized stance seen in most of poetry. Most of John Donne’s poems have either romantic themes or religious themes; â€Å"The Flea† has both. ItRead MoreMetaphysical Poetry of John Donne1441 Words   |  6 PagesKirsten Furnish AP Literature Mrs. Hendricks November 1, 2012 Literary Analysis of John Donne This examination of John Donne’s metaphysical poetry includes analysis of Donne’s use of topic, structure, scansion, style and theme. John Donne is known as one of the best writers of metaphysical poetry, a genre of poetry that is characterized specifically by themes of knowledge, intellect, and having a somewhat unrecognizable meter or rhyme. Metaphysical poetry forsakes pure and genial nature of otherRead MoreAnalysis Of A Valediction Forbidding Mourning 1108 Words   |  5 Pagespoem, A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning, John Donne employs conceit, symbolism, and tone to poetically paint a picture of the true love that exist between a man and his wife. John Donne was born on January22, 1572 to a Catholic family in England. (John Donne Biography) In his twenties Donne spent a lot of money on women, books and traveling. ( John Donne Biography) In 1601 Donne became a member of Parliament and married Anne More. ( John Donne Biography) Neither of the families approvedRead MoreDeath Be Not Proud1025 Words   |  5 PagesCOURSE # AND TITLE: ENGL 102-D11: Literature and Composition SEMESTER OF ENROLLMENT: Spring 2013 NAME: Greg Mohnkern ID: L23191458 WRITING STYLE USED: Essay of poetry (MLA style) Thesis Statement: â€Å"Death be not proud† by John Donne personifies death, as its title aptly prescribes. Giving death human traits allows the writer to blast him with colorful images full of sarcasm and a tone of defiance. The ultimate message of the author provokes the human soul to resist the fear ofRead More John Donnes Use of Wit Language and Metaphor in Poetry Essay754 Words   |  4 PagesJohn Donnes Use of Wit Language and Metaphor in Poetry As discussed on a previous short essay question, John Donne is considered to be one of the greatest metaphysical poets of our time, even though he published only a small number of poems in his lifetime. The poems he did write were metaphorical and often humorus poems telling the tale of religious love and sex. Being a metaphysical poet he exhibited many characteristics of the metaphysical poets. He wrote with metaphysical wit, metaphysicalRead More John Donnes The Holy Sonnets Essay1100 Words   |  5 PagesJohn Donnes The Holy Sonnets By making many references to the Bible, John Donnes Holy Sonnets reveal his want to be accepted and forgiven by God. A fear of death without Gods forgiveness of sins is conveyed in these sonnets. Donne expresses extreme anxiety and fright that Satan has taken over his soul and God wont forgive him for it or his sins. A central theme of healing and forgiveness imply that John Donne, however much he wrote about God and being holy, wasnt such a holy man all of

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